MRTHERMDriven by its commitment to ongoing innovation and to offering the very best products, Àngel Mir proudly presents theMirtherm roll-up door. This is a true world first, since it is the only roll-up door worldwide that prevents a thermal bridge. With excellent insulation properties, this door represents one of the best energy saving options available, cutting HVAC costs in the building where it is fitted and helping to preserve the environment.

This is possible thanks to its exclusive design, which reduces the thermal conductivity usually found in roll-up doors. The slats and the guides have insulating profiles that prevent the outside temperature from affecting conditions inside, thereby avoiding common problems of condensation and energy loss in refrigerated areas or the radiation of heat in warm areas.

Another of the key features of Mirtherm is its quiet operation. Thanks to the materials used in the hinges and the areas of friction with the guides, the movement of the door leaf between these guides is very smooth. Furthermore, it is practically maintenance-free, since it does not have any components that quickly become worn, such as cables or springs, and it is designed for intensive industrial use.

This roll-up door has various safety features and it has been manufactured in strict compliance with European standards:
– Movement and anti-crush system: infrared safety curtain.
– Irreversible motor direct to the shaft: if necessary, it can be operated manually by means of a chain.
– Safety device: fitted on the motor.

Furthermore, customers can choose the finishes of the door: guides (in anodised aluminium or lacquered aluminium), leaves (option of slats with acrylic windows), motor (it can be protected with a plastic cover) and door (different colours available).

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